How to Install water pump Writen by TDRFORCE Factory

How to Install water Pump Writen by TDRFORCE Factory|Manufacturer

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How to solve the Common faults and treatment of Water Pumps Writen by TDRFORCE Factory

Description: How to install Water Pump Writen by TDRFORCE Factory?Let's follow the guide from TDRFORCE Pump Factory or Manufacturer.

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Installation method of water pump

Before installing the water pump, the size, position, elevation and bolt hole position of the horizontal foundation should be checked to see if it meets the design requirements.The installation of water pump should be carried out after the concrete strength reaches the design requirements.

Water pump installation level requirements:

  • When the anchor bolt is placed, the bottom end should not touch the bottom of the hole. The anchor bolt should be more than 15mm from the hole edge. The bolt should be kept vertical, and the deviation of its perpendicularity should not exceed 10/1000.
  • The leveling of the water pump should be based on the horizontal machining surface of the base and measured with a level instrument. The deviation of the levelness of the pump body should not exceed 0.1mm per meter.
  • Use level, dial gauge or feeler gauge to measure and calibrate, so that the pump axis and the motor axis maintain coaxiality, its axial tilt shall not exceed 0.2mm per meter, radial displacement shall not exceed 0.5mm
  • when the pump is found to be uneven, the pump can be adjusted with the pad iron.
  • Both ends of inlet and outlet of each pump should be equipped with outlet and pressure gauge connector, inlet and outlet should be equipped with flange for pipe connection.


The power supply connection

1) The size of the power cord should meet the requirements of electricity consumption

2) Need to install leakage protection

3) 220V and 380V should pay attention to the power line positive and negative, to avoid reversal

4) Leakage protection

The test and operation

During the test run of the pump, the continuous operation under the design load shall not be less than 2h, and shall comply with the following provisions:

  • There should be no abnormal vibration and sound in operation, no leakage at each sealing place, and the fastening and connecting parts should not be loose;

2) The current and power of the motor shall not exceed the rated value;

Pump maintenance

1) Install support on the pipeline near the pump so that there is no weight attachment on the pump shell. 

2) When the pump is used up, the water in the pump should be put clean. It is best to remove the water pipe and then rinse with clean water.

Matters needing attention

1) Install shock absorbing pad at the bottom of the water pump, and soft connection is made to the water pump inlet and outlet pipes. 

2) The electronic control box should be waterproof

3) inlet water must be added filter, before and after the pump to add the door

4) The inlet and outlet water pipes should be sealed to avoid leakage.

5) Protective measures should be taken when the water pump is installed outdoors.

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