My Water Pump Is Running but I Have No Water? The Tech Answer From TDRFORCE Water Pump Factroy|Manufacturer

My Water Pump Is Running but I Have No Water? The Tech Answer From TDRFORCE Water Pump Factroy|Manufacturer 

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How to solve the Common faults and treatment of Water Pumps Writen by TDRFORCE Factory

Description: My Water Pump Is Running but I Have No Water? The Tech Answer From TDRFORCE Water Pump Factroy|Manufacturer?Let's follow the guide from TDRFORCE Pump Factory or Manufacturer.

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My Water Pump Is Running but I Have No Water? The Tech Answer From TDRFORCE Water Pump Factroy|Manufacturer?

On Mosman Well Works ,The Writer Ruan Marinho wrote the Article "My Water Pump Is Running but I Have No Water. What Could Be Wrong?"  the follows:

What Is a Water Pump?

A water pump is a machine used to draw water from underground wells to storage tanks until it’s needed for various purposes such as cooking, drinking and many more. Most of them are electric and drive the water through pipes using suction.

The most common types of water pumps include submersible pumps and jet pumps. The type you choose will mostly depend on the depth of your well.

Why Isn’t the Water Running? Possible Issues

There are many things that could lead to no water supply even with your water pump running. Some of the possible issues include:

  • A blocked sediment filter or a failing filtration system.
  • Low water table caused or overusing your water supply.
  • Power surges that result in damaged capacitors.

How Can a Water Pump Be Treated/ Managed?

The first step to take when no water is coming out is switching your water filtration system to ‘bypass’ mode. If this corrects the issue, this would mean there is an issue with your pump’s filtration system and you need to call an expert for that.

If you had recently overused your water supply, you may try shutting off the breaker to your well pump for several hours. Then, turn it on to see whether the water will start flowing.

If it does, you should consider having a low water switch installed and well water remediation done by a professional. The shut off switch plays a huge role of protecting your pump from possible outages after using water excessively.

Lastly, if you’ve had power surges and no water is running, it is more likely capacitors are blown out. They will need to be replaced by a professional.

Now that you recognize what might be causing your water not to run, it’s advisable that you contact a technician in your area for the problem to get fixed. Always observe regular maintenance and inspections to help eliminate costly well pump repairs.

 But TDRFORCE Water Pump Factory or Manufacturer, The Engineer Peter think Maybe You should do the following 5 Point Checks:

There is air in the intake pipe and pump body

1) Before the pump starts, the water is not filled with enough water. Sometimes it seems that the water is overflowed from the vent hole, but the air is not completely discharged by rotating the pump shaft, resulting in a little air residual in the inlet pipe or pump body. 

2) The horizontal section of the water inlet pipe in contact with the pump should apply a gradient of more than 0.5% in the direction of reverse water flow, and the one end connected to the pump inlet should be the highest, not completely horizontal.If upward upward, the inlet pipe will retain air, reduce the vacuum in the water pipe and pump, affect water absorption.

3) the pump filler because of long-term use has been worn or the packing pressure is too loose, resulting in a large amount of water from the filler and the pump shaft sleeve gap ejected, the result is that the external air from these gaps into the pump interior, affecting the water.

4) The water inlet pipe has holes due to long-term potential underwater corrosion in the pipe wall. After the water pump works, the water surface drops continuously. When these holes come out of the water, the air enters the water inlet pipe from the holes. 

5) Cracks appear at the elbow of the intake pipe, and small gaps appear at the connection between the intake pipe and the pump, which may cause air to enter the intake pipe. 

Low pump speed

1) Human factors.Some users because of the damage of the original motor, it is optional to match another motor drive, resulting in a small flow, low head or even no water on the consequences.

2) mechanical failure of the water pump itself.The impeller and the pump shaft fastening nut is loose or the pump shaft is distorted and bent, causing the impeller to move more, directly friction with the pump body, or bearing damage, may reduce the speed of the pump. 

3) The maintenance of the power machine is not good.Motor windings burn out, and loss of magnetism, winding turns, wire diameter, wiring method changes in maintenance, or maintenance failure is not completely eliminated factors will also make the pump speed change. 

The suction distance of the water pump is too large

Some water sources are deep, some water sources of the periphery of the terrain is flat, ignoring the allowable suction pump, resulting in less water absorption or no water absorption results.To know that the vacuum degree can be established at the suction port of the self-priming centrifugal pump is limited. The suction distance of the absolute vacuum is about 10 meters high, and the pump can not establish an absolute vacuum. 

And the vacuum degree is too large, easy to make the water in the pump gasification, adverse to the pump work.Therefore, each centrifugal pump has its maximum allowable suction range, generally between 3-8.5 meters.Installation of water pump should not only be convenient and simple. 

Too much resistance loss in the water inlet and outlet pipe

Some users have been measured, although the vertical distance from the reservoir or water tower to the water surface is slightly less than the pump head, but the water is still small or not water.Its reason is often too long pipe, pipe bend is much, flow of water in the pipe resistance loss is too large.

Its reason is often too long pipe, pipe bend is much, flow of water in the pipe resistance loss is too large.In general, 90 degree bend than 120 degree bend resistance, each 90 degree bend head loss of about 0.5~1 meters, every 20 meters of pipe resistance can make head loss of about 1 meters.In addition, some users also random pump into and out of the pipe diameter, these also have a certain impact on the head.

The influence of other factors

1) the bottom valve does not open.Usually because the pump is used for too long, the bottom valve gasket is stuck to death, the bottom valve without gasket may rust to death. 

2) the bottom valve filter net is blocked;Or the bottom valve in the potential water sludge layer caused by filter blockage. 

3) Severe wear of impeller.Impeller blades wear after long-term use, affecting the performance of the pump. 

4) gate valve can check valve failure or blockage will cause flow reduction or even pumping water.

5) Leakage of the outlet pipe will also affect the amount of water taken.


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